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5 comments on “Interview on Vision Radio – “Help, My Church is Embracing Heresy”

  1. Thank you so much David. I found this interview incredibly helpful, as a church worker, as an Anglican and as a Member of General Synod.

  2. David, you have cut through all the sophistry about love etc. and shown that the basic issue is whether we are prepared to accept the teachings of Jesus as revealed in the scriptures, or not. The woke, liberal apostates cannot stand against the Lord Almighty.

    • Correct Robert.
      As David said to the radio presenter, there is currently a battle going on for the soul of the Anglican Church in Australia. I agree. I say the battle is caused by Parliament’s decision to define legal marriage in Australia as “the union of 2 people” which, prior to that change in 2017, was “the union of a man & a woman” which just happens to be Christ’s teaching, according to the Bible.

      “Progressives” in the Uniting Church have taken Parliament’s deliberately ambiguous definition as an invitation to write a new marriage liturgy to marry same-sex couples in church (if a minister wishes to use it).

      I’m unsure of the exact requirements for priestly ordination in the UCA, but I’d be amazed if personal fidelity to Christ’s teachings was not on the list.

      To be continued..

  3. “Progressives” in the Anglican dioceses of Wangaratta & Newcastle have taken Parliament’s definition as an invitation to write a new liturgy invoking God’s blessing on the civil marriages of parishioners in their churches, including the civil marriages of same-sex couples (if a minister wishes to use it). Ditto the comment about UCA priestly ordinations.

    I don’t think “heretic” is too strong a word to describe the divisiveness of “progressives” in either Church.

    Of course if Church “Leaders” had objected to “the union of 2 people” before it became the law (by perhaps suggesting “the union of 2 people or the union of a man & a woman”, as an alternative) no Australian Christian Church would have split (occurred in the UCA, about to in the ACA).

    To be continued..

  4. In the podcast Rev Ould doesn’t say if he is attending the ACA General Synod meeting in May/June. If he is, I hope he will ask attendees to decide if the ACA’s 2015 decision to continue representing God & the Commonwealth in marriage ceremonies, even if the government ever legislated same-sex marriage, was a sound idea or not. (The ACA would not be in today’s position were it not for that 2015 Sydney Synod decision).

    If he’s not going, perhaps David could suggest an attendee willing to take a petition along those lines to the meeting? (David, you have my email address if you would prefer to discuss this privately).
    Thanks PN.

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