He Who Must Not Be Eaten

My excellent friend Geoff has sent me the following: 

Dear friend,
I’m sure you will be keen to know that Liz and I have discovered a jelly baby bearing an uncanny (and slightly scary) resemblance to Lord Voldemort.
A photograph of this phenomenon is attached.
We are planning to sell this once-in-a-lifetime item on e-bay. However, for the next few days we would like to offer you – as a close and trusted friend – first opportunity to bid for this unique item. Bidding starts at $1500. Serious bidders only please.
Please refrain from forwarding this email to any media outlets, as we do not wish to be harassed by reporters and television cameras.

To the left is the jelly baby, to the right the real thing. Or is it the other way around? Who can tell?

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  1. curly


  2. h1s_songb1rd

    I think it looks like an original Oompa Loompa who accidently fell into one of Wonka’s vats of something.

  3. jonny_darko

    It’s a twisted sort of miracle.

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