Right-oh, this is how we’re going to make it through Friday. I’m setting up a playlist of songs that have the names of cities in their title. Here’s three to start us off.

  • Falco – Vienna Calling
  • Sinatra – New York
  • Dionne Warwick – Do You Know the Way to San Jose?

Your job, add suggestions in the comments and we’ll keep building up the playlist. Let’s see how far we can get before close of play!

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27 comments on “Friday Brains-Trust Appeal – Songs about Cities

  1. Does Once in Royal David’s City count?
    And probably others about Jerusalem and Zion.

  2. Some by Australians

    Sydney from a 727 – Paul Kelly (sometimes uses 747)

    Adelaide – Paul Kelly

    London Still – The Waifs

    And this one from my childhood which I thought was Moscow, but only found out tonight is Moskau. Came out around the time of the Moscow Olympics.

    English version


  3. How about:
    Vienna – Ultravox (one for the new romantics fans!)
    Fire in Cairo – The Cure (close to my heart!)
    I’m going to Jackson – Johnny Cash
    24 hours from Tulsa – Gene Pitney
    Melbourne – The Whitlams
    Istanbul – They Might Be Giants
    New York state of mind – Billy Joel
    Wonderful Copenhagen – Hans Christian Anderson movie
    One night in Bangkok – Chess
    Kashmir – Led Zeppelin (province rather than city, perhaps?)
    Amsterdam – Coldplay

    Double Points
    First we take Manhattan, Then we Take Berlin – Leonard Cohen
    From St Kilda to Kings Cross – Paul Kelly (suburbs rather than cities?)

    Do states count or does it have to be cities?
    Oklahoma – Musical (Pretty average I know)
    California Girls – Beach Boys

  4. I know it’s off topic, but this thread reminded me of the truly brilliant TISM song, “What nationality is Les Murray?”

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