New Bishop for Gippsland – We Should “Rejoice” at Same-Sex Marriage

The Diocese of Gippsland have announced their new bishop: It is with immense pleasure that the Diocese of Gippsland announces that The Rev’d Dr Richard Treloar, Vicar of Christ Church South Yarra, has been elected as the thirteenth Bishop of Gippsland! He commenced ordained ministry in rural and regional Victoria and is excited to be […]

Sydney Synod “Grieved” by actions of Bishops of Gippsland and Wangaratta

Wednesday night’s synod ended with the passing of a robust motion responding to the actions of Bishop Kay Goldsworthy and Bishop John Parkes in undermining the Biblical doctrine of marriage and human sexuality. The final motion, which was passed overwhelmingly, reads as follows: Synod – (a) praises God for the godly leadership of the Australian Bishops’ […]

New Diocese of Gippsland Appointment Raises Fresh Concerns About Application of Australian Bishops’ Protocol

Long-time readers will remember we reported back in 2012 on the appointment of Rev. David Head in the Australian Diocese of Gippsland. The appointment caused controversy at the time since Rev. Head was known to be living in a long-term homosexual relationship and a picture of he and his partner was published in the Diocesan […]

New Bishop of Gippsland – Kay Goldsworthy

The Perth Anglican website is reporting that assistant bishop Kay Goldsworthy has been appointed the new Diocesan bishop of Gippsland, replacing John McIntyre who passed away suddenly earlier this year. (No announcement on the Gippsland website yet). From Archbishop Roger Herft: I write with the news that Bishop Kay has been elected by the Bishop […]

Bishop John McIntyre (Gippsland) to Seek to Change Bishops’ Protocol on Human Sexuality

Today, Monday 31 March 2014, the Bishops of the Anglican Church of Australia meet as they do regularly. A number of different sources have confirmed to me that amongst the many things on the agenda is a request by bishop John McIntyre for the House to revisit the Protocol on “Ministerial Appointments” [pdf]. Each protocol […]

Sydney Standing Committee Issue Statement on Gippsland

via The Standing Committee of the Diocese of Sydney has expressed ‘dismay’ at what it calls ‘a breach of fellowship and trust’ with the Bishop of Gippsland who has appointed a partnered gay man to a ministry position in his diocese. The appointment was announced earlier this year in the Gippsland diocesan newspaper. The […]

Anglican Unscripted 41 – Gippsland

The AU boys are back, and I’m back too – talking about the Gippsland stuff. My part starts at 36:30 straight after the clone. But it’s all worth watching…

Bishop John McIntyre of Gippsland reneges on the Bishops’ Protocol on Human Sexuality

The Diocese of Gippsland has had it’s annual Synod and Bishop John McIntyre seems to have decided that when he agreed to the Australian Bishops’ Protocol a few months back he really didn’t mean it. His President’s Address [pdf] shows a clear determination to push against the recently-established collegiality of the House of Bishops. Only in light […]

Anglican Unscripted 36 – More on Gippsland

Another Anglican Unscripted is out. I talk about the House of Bishops Protocol at 22:40.

Priest resigns from Gippsland Cathedral

We got word a while ago that the Rev. Stuart Lawson had resigned his position as Honorary Assistant Priest at the diocesan cathedral in Gippsland (and is still listed on their staff page as of the time of writing), ostensibly over the appointment of Rev. David Head. I wanted to clarify the situation and Rev. […]