Last week I sat down with my Stand Firm colleagues to think out aloud about some of what has happened over the past few months as the Church has grappled with the politics of Covid and the influence of U.S. politics and political commentators.

Trust it’s helpful.

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5 comments on “Podcast: The Covid/Church Conversation

  1. Yes, this was a helpful discussion. It took account very importantly of the fact that Christians appear to be reacting to the Covid pandemic just like their fellow citizens who clearly are not being led by the Spirit of God. What it means, in any practical sense, to respond to the crisis as a follower of Christ, was not, however, explored in this podcast.

    I felt that there was an important question being overlooked by Messrs Ould and Kennedy, namely, concerning whether Christians should accept the constraints on public worship that are currently being determined by political and social values that form the basis of different public health policies in various countries. It is a political response i.e. to be compliant in this respect, and it suggests that Christians are trusting governments, media and health authorities to get their policies right. Certainly this is the wrong thing to do insofar as it has ramifications for our meeting together in the name of the Lord.

  2. It certainly was a helpful discussion. Thank you, David.
    Chris, the question you raise is a reasonable one. In a sense it goes against conscience to allow government officials to decide when Christians can meet in the name of the Lord but in the special circumstances of the pandemic I feel we have a public duty to be compliant, as Paul suggests in 1 Corinthians 13. Besides, in these technological times there are many ways we can “meet” without infringing the constraints that government officials have placed on society.

  3. Oops, I did mean Romans 13. We have working through 1 Corinthians at home and at church so I have it on the brain.
    However, 1 Corinthians 13 does apply too. We must act in love as we provide an example for our fellow citizens.

    • Robert, yes, I agree that there is, in fact, a strong argument along both those lines. It results notwithstanding in our being simply “good citizens” like those around us, who have no faith in a God who cares for us, who heals us, and who protects us. There is, on the other hand, the well known incident, recorded in Matthew 9, that is worth considering. Matthew tells of the two blind men who beseeched Jesus to heal them, and that the Son of David said that it would be done to them according to their faith (v.29).

      This continues to be the relevant truth for all those who would follow Jesus, regardless of the many gifts that we have received from medical improvements. So, what I, myself, would ask, “… in the special circumstances of the pandemic”, concerns what it is that will be done according to our faith. If, first and foremost, we follow the public health advice of our expert officials, I think that we might very well see a slower rate of hospitalisation in our cities. I understand that this is currently well below the rate that is associated with seasonal influenza. 1 John 4:18.

  4. I found this podcast very depressing. This is the biggest power grab by a western government Ever! Being a free citizen of a free country is not something you can take for granted and why do you think they will want to relinquish the power once they have tasted it?
    What happens when the unvaccinated get dragged off to the gulag? What about the Nuremberg code of always having to make informed consent?
    Has David actually read any information from senior scientists who disagree with the narrative. Does he know that there is no health benefit to a young person to taking the experimental vaccine and that cases of myocarditis in young men are rising?
    I am lying in my bed recovering from COVID. It was very unpleasant like the flu, loss of taste and smell. I am taking vitamins to boost my immune system. I am not in the young age range.
    But I will now have natural immunity which is far better than the jabs which don’t stop you getting the disease.

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