liveblogging a birth!!!

this is a new one on me (and probably for the rest of you!!!)

thought it would be fascinating to record some of what goes on today.

Jacqui woke me up at 4am with solid contractions and a show. We called our friend who picked us and Charis up and took us to the hospital. We were admitted around 5am and put on the machines the go “beep” to monitor Jacqui and the baby.

0535 1.5cm dilation.

0600 They’re going to get us into theatre to do a c-section.

0630 Theatre is full with emergencies. We wait. In pain.

0645 We’re getting gas to help with the pain. (again “we” is really not an accurate description). The difference is noticeable. Long deep breaths. And that’s just me….

0710 Theatre still full. We are still here.

0730 Lucky we’ve got the giggle-gas because although Jacqui is being a trooper this is really hard for her. The contractions are now regularly 3 minutes apart and very strong. I now understand what all my friends have said about having a new-found respect for the women in their life. It’s also very hard to watch your wife in pain.

0800 6cm dilation.

0840 Jacqui has now had an epidural, the difference is amazing. She hardly feels the pain.

0900 We’ve made the decision to go for a natural delivery. Jacqui is now 7cm and the epidural is really helping out. This way there’ll be some work but the recovery will be much better.

1000 Just a bit of an “anterior lip”. 9.5cm dilated and baby is taking his time before he starts some work.

1100 Just checking in. Everything is calm now. Jacqui hardly feels anything. Right now our midwife, Kathryn, is taking this picture of me blogging!!! Sometime in the next hour the action will probably kick off.

1110 Kathryn has just told us of the artist Georgia O’Keefe, who’s paintings of flowers (apparently) look a bit like something else (let the reader understand). We’ll try and post a link when this goes live.

1115 Tiny bit of cervix still there which the midwife has moved back. We’re going to be pushing soon.

1135 Here’s the sweepstake on birth weight:

David 3.4kg
Jacqui 3.2kg
Kathy “probably about three and a half, maybe not quite”

1150 Fully dilated. Done some practice pushes. Mum has the technique down well. We’re going to breathe through a couple of contractions and then go for home.

1210 20 minutes of pushing. Now we’re going to top up the epidural and allow the baby to come down a bit more on his own.

1220 Jacqui’s extra happy-juice is kicking in. I’m off for 5 minutes to get something to eat.

1240 Back with a burger. Jacqui is asleep. The contractions are not as hard as they could be, we’d be looking for something a bit more frequent and stronger. Ethan is doing really well – pulse continues to track along around 150 with little variation. Doctor will come in at 1 to have a look. For now I’m going to eat my meat and watch my wife sleep. She’s earned it.

1315 Consultant has been by. Baby’s doing good but we want to get Jacqui going again. We’ll start pushing in the next 15 minutes. I’m still wearing my scrubs. I don’t need them – they were really only put on for the c-section – but they’re very comfortable. Plus, it makes me feel like I’m part of the action.

1335 They made me change out my scrubs!! Then, just as I had they brought in another consultant. Had another look. Nothing has really moved for 3 hours, in fact she’s actually still only 8cm, and they’re thinking seriously about a c-section. At this point we wouldn’t mind. We were ready for one anyway and it’s a known entity for us. The other alternative is continuing an uncertain labour here with no indication that things will improve.

My church boss phoned up and assured me of a great number of prayers. It’s a wonderful relief to know that the Lord Almighty, Creator of Heaven and Earth and unborn babies is in charge.

1338 We’re going into theatre!!! My next entry will be in the presence of my son and heir!!!

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  1. h1s_songb1rd

    At least you had something to do while you were waiting. 😉

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