“Troublesome Priest” interview 3 – Heaven and Hell

A while ago I was interviewed for an documentary (“The Troublesome Priest”) about Ven. Rod Bower, Rector of Gosford Anglican and now Archdeacon of the Central Coast, by documentary maker Kaye Harrison (Bunya Treehouse for ABC Compass).

While my interview ended up not being used in the film (the director decided to go in a different direction) they have kindly made them available for me to use and will be included on the program’s Facebook page.

This third clip is a discussion on Bower’s rejection of the Biblical concepts of heaven and hell. You can see an example of Bower’s rejection on this Facebook video.

Troublesome Priest Extras_Kingdom of God

Heaven - does it exist? Is it a place we might go to after death? Or is it what we should be creating here and now on earth? Father Rod shares his progressive theology...

Posted by The Troublesome Priest on Thursday, 8 June 2017

On reflection (see my comment at the end of the video) I don’t think it was a mean thing to say; it was the truth.



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