2 comments on “Thinking Aloud 17 – 1Corinthians 1; headship and hair?

  1. Hi,

    Having listened to the episode on Equip, may I suggest that the discussion was a bit ‘light on’ ? Was the intention to consider the issues, as it seemed to be more a case of being dismissive and to ridicule those who raised questions/concerns.

    Am I being unfair in any way in making the above statement ?

    It is my understanding no one on the panel attended the conference ; have you all since had the opportunity to listen to the DVD ?


    • hi Kerry. Thanks for coming and commenting. First off, apologies for the delay in getting your comment through moderation.
      I’m sorry that you thought the intention was to be dismissive. My recollection of recording the episode (it’s been a while now and I haven’t listened to it again in the last 24 hours) is that we attempted to address some of the underlying theological questions around the particular chapter of 1Corinthians that was addressed at the Equip conference.
      I don’t remember being dismissive but if there’s a particular moment in the episode that you’re concerned about then do please let me know what the timestamp is and I’ll attempt to address your specific concern.

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