Received from a well-placed source. I haven’t got a second confirmation of these names but I’m as close to 100% confident as I can be that these are the nominees to be the next Archbishop of Perth.

Edit. For clarity, there are some who have received the high honour of being nominated for this position who have yet to accept that nomination.

Here they are with a little information about each.


This is quite an impressive list with some real heavyweights.

We noted back in 2014,

…there is every likelihood that the next man (or woman) in that position will be much more favourable towards revision [on the question of same-sex blessings]

From the list above there are a number that would certainly fall into that category and you should expect the new Archbishop to be one of the following:

  • Peter Catt
  • Scott Cowdell
  • Kay Goldsworthy
  • Andrew McGowan
  • Garry Weatherill

My money is on Goldsworthy. Despite the superior academic credentials of Cowdell and McGowan I think the lure of electing the first female Archbishop will be too much for the increasingly liberal Perth synod to resist.

According to the Diocese’s own rules [pdf], the Archbishop will be elected by at least seven of each the houses of the Nominations Committee of 20 persons (10 clergy, 10 lay).

We’ll keep you updated.



2 comments on “Exclusive: Nominees for Archbishop of Perth

  1. Not surprisingly, the two people who would actually be quite good (Chris Jones and Tim Harris) have no chance of getting up. I’ve heard good things about Gary Weatherill too. Anglo-Catholic background but has worked well with evangelicals.

  2. I am not going to break any commenting rules, but I believe this is highly irresponsible speculation from an outsider with agendas. The process is still ongoing.

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