(updated) Bishop Sarah Macneil Conducted Same-Sex “Blessing” While Diocesan Archdeacon

The following comment was left on my website on Wednesday evening, A few years ago a person who is the daughter of Christian friends of mine entered into a lesbian relationship in Canberra. The two young women participated in a same gender civil union ceremony at an embassy as one of them came from that […]

A Statement Concerning the Consecration of Rev Dr Sarah Macneil in the Anglican Diocese of Grafton

Tomorrow marks yet another line crossed in the Anglican Church of Australia. With that in mind the following statement from the Anglican Church League is very important.

Sarah Macneil’s Sermons Removed from Church Website – What Was Wrong with Them?

Well now this is fascinating. Holy Covenant Church in Canberra, home of bishop-elect of Grafton the Rev. Dr Sarah Macneil, have removed the text of all of Dr Macneil’s sermons from their website. Go have a look for yourself. The same is true of 2012. The effect upon the actual pages is devastating – Dr […]

Two Australian Dioceses Prepare to Elect a New Bishop

2 mainly rural Anglican dioceses in Australia are currently going through the process of selecting a new bishop. The Diocese of Bunbury, in the south of Western Australia, is currently in the process of gathering nominations. Their process is a typical variant of many in Australia. There is a nomination committee (6 clerical and 6 […]

Anglican Bishops write to MPs to urge no further freedom concessions in SSM bill

This’s morning’s smh reports that a group of 7 Anglican bishops, led by the bishop of Wangaratta, have written to all MPs in the House of Representative (lower house of the Australian parliament) to urge them to pass Senator Smith’s bill unamended, particular with respect to religious freedoms: A group of Anglican bishops has split […]

Bishop of Grafton to Resign Citing “Health Challenges”

The Bishop of Grafton, Rt. Rev Dr. Sarah Macneil has announced her early retirement, effective 3 March 2018. Full text of the pastoral letter follows: Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, Since 1 March 2014 we have journeyed together as disciples of Christ. When Ian and I arrived in the Diocese you had already faced […]

Top 10 Posts of 2014 on davidould.net

well, it’s that time of year. 2014 has been an exciting year to be blogging. davidould.net had a 50% jump in readership over 2013 and month on month it keeps growing. Here’s the 10 posts that got the most interest over the year. 10. Vaughan Roberts, “Same-Sex Attraction – A Battle I Face” – a model […]

“Women Priests in their Sights”? – or “liberals in Australia running scared”

A fascinating article by Muriel Porter in various papers yesterday in response to the recent General Synods in both Australia and the Church of England (where they voted to allow women bishops): And Australia, where there are now five women bishops. Dr Sarah Macneil, the first woman to be in charge of a diocese in […]

A New Primate for Australia – who will it be?

The General Synod of the Anglican Church of Australia gathers together in one week’s time in Adelaide. I’ll be there, taking part and trying to keep you all updated on the business and (more interestingly) what’s going on behind the scenes of the business. But the day before General Synod opens, a new Primate for […]

Dean John Shepherd: “The Author of Hebrews is Grasping at Straws”

Since publishing a few days ago on the invitation by the Diocese of Melbourne to have Dean John Shepherd of Perth speak at their annual ministry conference a good number of corresponants have asked me whether Shepherd still holds to the views we originally reported back in 2008. True, Shepherd has been a little quieter […]