Father Rod Bower in his own words

From a fascinating interview published yesterday: On Christmas Day, 1982, Rod woke at his home in Newcastle after a night on the tiles and the accompanying handover [sic.] and thought, “a bloody man should do the right thing and go to church”. “I was 20. I had plenty of money and I was living the […]

Newcastle Archdeacon Rod Bower Teaches that God is Not a Divine Being

In what he describes as “common ground with atheists”, Archdeacon Rod Bower in the Diocese of Newcastle has told a documentary interviewer, When we explore, perhaps, what I mean when I use the word “God” we can come close to a common ground [with atheists] because I’m not talking about some divine being. God is […]

Bishop of Newcastle appoints Rev Rod Bower as Archdeacon

In a move that has been described to me by more than one senior figure as showing a lack of respect for traditionalists in his diocese, the Bishop of Newcastle Greg Thompson has appointed Rev. Rod Bower as Archdeacon of the Central Coast. Bower is well known for his signboards outside his Parish of Gosford […]

Rev. Rod Bower of Gosford: Jesus didn’t die for our sins and atheists can be “kingdom people”

You’ve got to give it to Rev. Rod Bower, Rector of Gosford Anglican and denier of heaven and hell, he’s not shy about saying what he believes (or, more accurately, doesn’t believe). So, for example, there’s this page on his blog entitled “Jesus came to show us the “Kingdom” not to die for our sins!” […]

Rev. Rod Bower: “I don’t believe in heaven or hell…”

This is quite special. Rev. Rod Bower, vicar at Gosford Anglican Church in the Diocese of Newcastle, has posted this up on facebook… Here’s the full text of his statement: I don’t really believe in Heaven and Hell at least not in the traditional sense. If there is a Heaven it must be a bit […]

Diocese of Newcastle highlights “fabulous Pride Mass”

In it’s latest “this week around the Diocese” the Anglican Diocese of Newcastle in NSW draws our attention to a “fabulous Pride Mass”:   Regular readers of davidould.net will recognise Archdeacon Rod Bower of Gosford who attended the mass outside his own archdeaconery and preached. Also pictured with the Ven. Bower are Jane Trigg who […]

Following, not Forsaking Context

Thank you to everyone who got in touch to let me know I got named in today’s  Fairfax piece by Elizabeth Farrelly, “When the Anglican church can’t follow its own code” originally titled “When the Anglican church has forsaken it’s own values”. I’ll let the reader decide for themselves what they make of the article. […]

Getting Clarity on What’s Happening in the Diocese of Newcastle

I’ve wondered if you’ve noticed the same thing as me? When it comes to big difficult topics of discussion there’s a tendency to do one of two things. First, if something is very clear then those who don’t want it to be clear can be tempted to suggest that things are a lot more complicated […]

Top 10 Posts of 2014 on davidould.net

well, it’s that time of year. 2014 has been an exciting year to be blogging. davidould.net had a 50% jump in readership over 2013 and month on month it keeps growing. Here’s the 10 posts that got the most interest over the year. 10. Vaughan Roberts, “Same-Sex Attraction – A Battle I Face” – a model […]